How everything started

 5 Our history

The building, that for countless of Arzachena’s generations, has been “La casa di lu Dottori” (the Doctor’s house) is located in the main square of Arzachena at few steps from Piazza Risorgimento historical and commercial center. The building, created at the end of the 8th century by the patriarch Antonio Ragnedda reproduced the typical essential lines of the Gallura’s constructions: lo stazzo.
Afterwards, in the middle of 20’s, two more floors were added assuming the present look. The ground floor was dedicated to commercial premises, while the 1th and 2nd floor were reserved to the Ragnedda’s family and in particular to the firstborn son, Antonio Giovanni, who lived there with his wife and their son.
“La casa di lu Duttori” takes on the typical architectural form of the Ligure’s structures: the facade is embellished with two balconies, one in each floor, while the opening is framed with fascine of cement mortar. At the end of the 20’s, the Rizzuto’s building, becomes the center of Arzachena’s social life. Giovanni Ragnedda, who became doctor at the age of 23, transformed the right side of the ground floor in his own clinic. Nearby his brother Michele will open the first “Putecaria”, the Pharmacy of Arzachena.